Mitchell Intelligent Solutions

Combining Artificial Intelligence With Real-World Experience

Mitchell Intelligence is the culmination of 75 years of industry expertise. From 1940s car part catalogues to 21st century machine-learning models, Mitchell has always been a dedicated partner and innovator for the auto insurance and collision repair industries.

Our portfolio of groundbreaking solutions is powered by that same dedication, combining artificial intelligence (AI) with collision repair wisdom, in an open ecosystem that our partners can trust.

That's Mitchell Intelligence.

Intelligent Estimating

Mitchell Intelligent Estimating automates the appraisal process by taking image inputs, using AI to detect the damaged vehicle components and then converting the analysis into a preliminary estimate for appraiser review.

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Intelligent Damage Analysis

Mitchell Intelligent Damage Analysis is an AI engine that leverages our proprietary machine-learning models and extensive vehicle database to analyze photos and identify component-level vehicle damage.

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Intelligent Open Platform

Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to use your choice of AI provider—Mitchell, a third party or your own—with Mitchell Intelligent Estimating.

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Intelligent Review

Mitchell Intelligent Review is designed to enhance estimate efficiency by incorporating AI and machine learning in the automated review of every estimate with a remove, replace or repair operation.

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