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Mitchell’s leading end-to-end third party liability solution combines powerful software with technology enabled services

Claims Software Solutions for Efficient and Streamlined Claims Management

Claims professionals like you seek to settle third party claims accurately, consistently and efficiently, but the complexity of third party claims processing can sometimes get in the way. Keeping up with the latest technologies or trends is an important way to stay relevant, remain competitive and enhance efficiencies. However, when carriers lose focus on the fundamentals they may create inconsistencies across their organizations and make it more challenging for adjusters to succeed.

Mitchell provides you with the building blocks to lay a solid foundation for your third party claims process. The Mitchell Third Party Solution is designed to smooth out your third party claims handling workflow, bringing adjusters the injury and liability information they need, exactly when they need it so they can consistently settle claims accurately, consistently and efficiently. Mitchell also helps you succeed by working with you to customize your third party solution based on your own claim handling philosophies versus historical data practices. We can help you arm your adjusters—regardless of experience—with the claims software tools and information they need to make more accurate settlements on each and every claim.

Mitchell Technology Enabled Services

Mitchell’s Technology Enabled Services combines our best in class bill review and claims technology with our expertise in claims execution. Our Technology Enabled Services provide end-to-end document processing, bill review and specialty services with speed and accuracy, returning exceptional value to our clients’ business.

Services Include:

  • Demand processing
  • Data capture
  • Document organization and management
  • Front-end coding
  • Second-level code review
  • Bill review
  • Nurse review
  • Peer review
  • Direct-to-provider negotiation and payment
  • Auto provider network
software solution

Mitchell DecisionPoint® Bill Review Platform

Help reduce claims handling costs and improve consistency using the industry-leading bill review platform. Mitchell’s medical bill review platform provides a comprehensive and flexible set of adjustments and fee schedules that can be tailored for liability claims. Our claims software and solutions provides clear findings to help adjusters consider and address gaps, delays and extended treatments. These findings and adjustments are delivered within the software and associated reporting in order to maximize adjusters’ ability to effectively negotiate medical specials.

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Third Party Auto Network & Provider Negotiations Solution

Give your adjusters the tools to improve payment consistency and savings on bills that are typically paid to providers without review for accuracy.  By utilizing our Third Party Auto Network and Provider Negotiations Solution, carriers can free up adjusters time to focus on claim settlement while securing savings on these bills. 

Our combined solution provides access to the exclusive Coventry Auto network and our team of expert negotiators to ensure the client pays fair and accurate rates to providers on their unrepresented settlements. Using the industry's largest national directly contracted auto network and our negotiations services together helps the adjuster settle a claim accurately, consistently and efficiently.

This combined solution delivers success rates estimated at 70%+ on bills with savings of 30% off charges
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  1. Seamless workflow – Unique solution integrates with existing claims workflows and provides access to both the Coventry network and provider negotiations in one request.   
  2. Exclusive network benefits – No balance billing, integrated dispute and reconsideration support.   
  3. Largest directly contracted auto network – Access to over 860K providers and 5K hospitals nationally. 
  4. Network contract rates – Our network contract rates are backed by auto-specific provider contracts. 
  5. Unmatched provider negotiations services – Proprietary technology platform and data backed by our team of experts maximizes negotiation outcomes and cost savings. 
  6. Prompt settlement and secured savings – All bills in program are secured with a signed provider or Coventry network agreement ensuring rapid settlement and avoiding claim escalations. 
  7. Prior payments identification – Uncovers and documents prior payments so you only pay what you owe. 
  8. Ease of use – Fully integrated with other Enlyte Third Party Liability Solutions.

Mitchell Demand Package Processing and Management

Mitchell's Third Party Demand Package Processing and Management helps claims organizations accurately, consistently and efficiently organize and manage third party demands and documents. We support adjusters’ decision-making processes by providing organized, fully coded documents in an easy-to-digest format.

Mitchell processes more than 800k demands annually with more than 3.5 million medical bills. 


Mitchell Claim IQ

Mitchell ClaimIQ claim software helps claims organizations improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency for both liability and injury evaluations. ClaimIQ is built on each clients claims handling philosophies, fact based recommendations and best practices.

Mitchell’s injury evaluation capabilities allows adjusters to consistently and comprehensively document their injury evaluations.

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Additional Third Party Liability Solutions

Mitchell Adjuster Portal

Equip your adjusters with a best-in-class cloud-based workspace that is integrated with all the Third Party Liability Solutions you need. Having one place to manage these tasks makes it easier for adjusters to submit requests and manage the tasks needed on all their claims.

Help adjusters get a full picture of injuries and treatments related to a claim.

The Adjuster Portal is a liability-claims specific application that provides adjusters an evolving picture of a claim as it develops and offers seamless integration with other solutions including demand and service referrals, injury evaluation, reporting and material damage data. Clients can start using the the portal without any IT or implementation costs.

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Assess Performance with Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Drill down into consistency, accuracy and operational trends within the claims organization using Mitchell’s third party liability reporting capabilities. Mitchell provides a full picture of claims operations through visual dashboards that highlight key trends that can be further refined to isolate metrics within a specific division, office, team or adjuster. Additionally, we offer an industry comparison report that takes performance reporting a step further to help analyze costs versus the industry, and even drills down into specific venue, injury type and utilization trends.

Mitchell Claims Performance Consulting

Mitchell offers consulting services to help clients gain a deep understanding of how their current Mitchell product features can be leveraged to meet the demands of a dynamic market. Leveraging our rich database and reporting capabilities, our Claims Performance Consulting professionals use in-depth expertise to help clients identify untapped opportunities in their claims management processing as well as reveal custom, actionable insights and benchmark their results compared to the industry.

Focus on the fundamentals to help boost third party claim accuracy, consistency and efficiency

The Fundamentals of Third Party Claims Processing

What are the most important building blocks of third party injury claim handling? Mitchell has helped more than half of the top 20 auto carriers build successful and consistent third party claim programs. Based on that experience, we've put together top resources that are vital for consistent third party claim processing.

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